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You can read about the history and designation of the Forum Cafeteria historic landmark.

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Black and white photo inside the cafeteria



black and white photo of outside the cafeteria


Address: 36-40 7th Street South

Neighborhood: Downtown West

Construction Date: 1929

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Magney and Tusler

Architectural Style: Art Deco, Modern

Historic Use: Commercial - Restaurant

Current Use: Vacant

Date of Local Designation: 1975

Date of National Register Designation: N/A (removed in 1987)

Area(s) of Significance: Architecture

Period of Significance: 1900-

Historic Profile: The Forum Cafeteria was built in 1929-30 in the shell of the Saxe Moving Picture Theater. The interior, possibly the best example of Art Deco in the Twin Cities, has been compared to the lobbies of the Irving Trust and Chrysler Buildings in New York. The use of materials, the zigzag design, and the stylized Viking motifs are exemplary of Art Deco design. The interior is a cavern of light passing through the mirrored walls and over the shinny chrome rails and glassy tiles. The shiny materials, as well as the black, white, and turquoise color scheme, are emblematic of the modern machine age. In the 1970s the interior was removed from the original structure and placed in City Center in downtown Minneapolis. For years it operated as Scotties on Seventh and Goodfellows restaurants, but in 2005 closed and remains vacant (2007).

Photo Credits:

1950, Norton and Peel, courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

1948, Original Exterior (no longer existing), South 7 th Street between Hennepin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue, courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society

Works Cited:

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