Olson House

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Floyd B. Olson in 1932





Address: 1914 West 49th Street

Neighborhood: Lynnhurst

Construction Date: 1922

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Unknown

Architectural Style: Bungalow

Historic Use: Private Residence

Current Use: Private Residence

Date of Local Designation: 1986

Date of National Designation: 1974

Area(s) of Significance: Significant Person

Period of Significance: 1922-1936

Historic Profile: The preservation of the Floyd B. Olson House located at 1914 West 49 th Street commemorates the career of one of Minnesota’s most influential political leaders. He was revered in Minnesota as "the crusader for social justice" during the Depression Era. Before his death in 1936 Olson had served ten years as the Hennepin County attorney and three terms as Governor. His leadership was crucial in the development of the Farmer-Labor party in the 1920s and 1930s. Olson was a fierce advocate "for the abolition of private monopolistic privilege and its replacement by a system of public ownership "in order to, "increase the total wealth of society and abolish unemployment." Frank B. Olson remains one of the single most significant Minnesota leaders for both his local and national public service.

Photo Credits:

1937, Portrait of Floyd B. Olson, Saint Paul Daily, courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

2006, Minneapolis CPED

Works Cited:

"National Register of Historic Places – Nomination Form," August 1974.

Updated: February 2007


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