Cutter House

You can read about the history and designation of the Cutter House historic landmark.


The Cutter House is the only standing example of the Carpenter Gothic style in Minneapolis. 

  • Location: 400 10th Avenue Southeast 
  • Neighborhood: Marcy-Holmes

Historic photo (1948)

Cutter House at 400 10th Avenue Southeast in 1948


Current photo (2006)

Cutter House at 400 10th Avenue Southeast in 2006




  • Architectural Style: Carpenter Gothic
  • Architect: N/A


  • Historic use: Residential
  • Current use: Residential


  • Construction date: 1856
  • Contractor: B.O. Cutter


  • Area(s) of significance: Architecture 
  • Period of Significance: Undefined 
  • Date of local designation: 1976 
  • Date of National Register designation: 1976 
  • Designation: Exterior

Historic profile

The Cutter House is the only standing example of the Carpenter Gothic style in Minneapolis. B.O. Cutter had been working as a carpenter on several buildings at the University of Minnesota. In 1856, he decided to build his home here on the outskirts of campus. 

The Carpenter Gothic style is known for its intricate details. The house has several gable roofs and gabled dormers. There are wood carvings along the eaves as well as the flat rooflines of two open porches. The carvings look like lace trim. The porches have slender wood columns with decorated arches between. These are key features of the style. 

The house was enlarged in 1874. The house was originally clad with wood cut to look like stone. It was covered in stucco in the 1940s. The interior has been remodeled over time. The house also suffered a serious fire in 1992 and has since been restored. 

Cutter lived in the house until 1869, when he sold it to John Gilfillan. Gilfillan was a prominent lawyer and founded the city's elementary school system. He also served as a University of Minnesota Regent and a U.S. Representative. Since at least the 1970s, this building has been a fraternity house. 


Photo credit

  • 1948 photo: Gordon Ray, Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society 
  • 2006 photo: Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development

Work cited

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  • Andrea M. Gilmore, “National Register of Historic Places – Nomination Form: B.O. Cutter House,” August 1975. 

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