Alfred Pillsbury House

Read about the history and designation of the Alfred Pillsbury House historic landmark.


The Alfred Pillsbury House was home to a well-known Minneapolitan and art collector.  

  • Location: 116 22nd Street East 
  • Neighborhood: Whittier

Historic photo (1980)

Alfred Pillsbury House Historic Landmark located at 116 22nd Street East in 1980





  • Architectural Style: Tudor Revival
  • Architect: Ernest Kennedy


  • Historic use: Residential
  • Current use: Residential


  • Construction date: 1903
  • Contractor: F. G. McMillan 


  • Area(s) of significance: Architecture; Significant Individual 
  • Period of significance: 1903-1950
  • Date of local designation: 1975
  • Date of National Register designation: Not individually listed
  • Designation: Exterior

Historic profile

The Alfred Pillsbury House was home to a well-known Minneapolitan and art collector. Architect Ernest Kennedy designed the home using Tudor Revival style features. Master builder F.G. McMillan used Platteville limestone for the walls.  The house has stone surrounds, projecting bays, and pointed parapets. 

Alfred Fiske Pillsbury was a prolific business and community leader. He had attended the University of Minnesota for law and was an early star football player. He was the son of Governor John F. Pillsbury, co-founder of the Pillsbury Company. Alfred and his wife Eleanor were involved in many local businesses and organizations.  

Alfred and Eleanor are best known for their ties to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Alfred was an avid art collector and kept his collections in his house. He donated many pieces to the museum. Alfred died in 1950 and left over $1,000,000 of art to the museum in his will. His collections are still on display today.  

In the 1970s, the building became the office for the notable architectural firm Hodne-Stageberg. It is currently used as a house. 


Photo credit

1980 photo: Courtesy of Hennepin County Library

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