Promise Zone goals

The North Minneapolis Promise Zone (NMPZ) is 80% people of color. Residents in this zone face poverty, crime, housing, and job issues, at a greater rate than those in the rest of the City.

Because of these disparities, Minneapolis leads the county in racial inequities. North Minneapolis' Promise Zone (NMPZ) has decided to focus on three objectives to improve the conditions of NMPZ residents. Each of these objectives will be approached through a racial equity lens.

  1. Build an Inclusive Economy that supports the NMPZ as a destination for business growth. We aim to accomplish this by:
    • ensuring dollars are reinvested in the community
    • increasing capital investment that creates jobs for NMPZ residents.
  2. Improve Health & Safety of NMPZ residents. We aim to accomplish this by:
    • strengthening community-law enforcement relationships
    • investing in community-oriented policing
    • increasing access to affordable healthy food
  3. Promote stable housing for all NMPZ residents. We aim to accomplish this by:
    • coordinating and publicizing support services related to housing
    • facilitating partnerships between housing stakeholders working in the NMPZ.

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