Affirmative Fair Housing Plan

Housing providers for City-assisted projects must submit an Affirmative Fair Housing Plan.

As of 2017, housing providers for all City-assisted projects must submit and keep current an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) . Additionally, housing providers will submit an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan Requirements Annual Survey and Certification  to the City annually.

All housing providers should complete Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing (AFHMP) (Form HUD-935.2A).  A new AFHMP is required at least every five years.  A new AFHMP is required sooner if:

  • The population least likely to apply is different than that on the current AFHMP;
  • The advertising publicly cited in the current AFHMP is no longer appropriate;
  • Demographics of the housing market area have changed in terms of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability; or
  • The outreach currently being performed is not reaching those it is intended to reach as measured by project occupancy and applicant data.

When do housing providers need to review the AFHMP?

  • Review your AFHMP every 1-2 years to ensure it reflects current demographics and is up-to-date on your marketing efforts.
  • If you review the AFHMP and determine a revision is not needed, maintain a file documenting what was reviewed, results of the review, and why no changes were made.

When do housing providers need to submit a revised AFHMP to City of Minneapolis?

  • As requested by City of Minneapolis. City of Minneapolis will typically request your current AFHMP every two to five years, but can request a new form to be completed at any time.

Property owners are encouraged to access the Affirmative Marketing Toolkit for more information. 


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