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Regulatory Services violations dashboard

The Regulatory Services violations dashboard is an interactive, city-wide list of locations of Housing Maintenance Code and Fire Code violations.

How can you use this information?

You can use this information to understand the violation history of a specific property, owner and whether violations remain open. As a neighbor, you could offer support to those by that may need assistance and as a resident can use the information to follow-up with the city on resolution. The tool also provides information on the most common violations and where in the city they take place, providing you with a big picture look at the city’s trends.

What else do you need to know about the information?

The information updates each morning to provide the previous day’s work, so it’s always one day behind. Only violations issued by Regulatory Services are listed. Information on other violations issued by other city departments like Business Licensing or follow-up actions for the violations we issue, like citations, are not included.

Why does Regulatory Services work in this area?

To keep Minneapolis safe, healthy, and livable for all, Regulatory Services inspectors enforce fire and housing violations of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances and State Fire Code. This helps protect residents and improve the livability of Minneapolis. Violations include: grass, safety, and fire alarms.

Active rental licenses

The active rental licenses dashboard is a list of all rental licenses in the city. It includes the rental property address, the property's tier score, and contact information for the property.

How can you use this information?

With nearly 25,000 active rental licenses, Regulatory Services appreciates your help in educating property owners, property managers, city residents, tenants and partners about the city’s rental licensing requirements. You can use this tool to look-up a specific property to confirm if it has an active rental license. You can learn about specific areas where there is a high concentration of rental licenses.

What else do you need to know about the information?

This information updates weekly, but it is common for a property’s rental license to change from active to inactive and back again. Because rental licenses are issued to people and are non-transferable, this is most commonly seen when properties are sold. It is a property owner’s responsibility to close a rental license and if the license holder has not called to close the license, a property may be listed that is not actively being rented.

Why does Regulatory Services work in this area?

To promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public and work toward eliminating substandard and deteriorating rental housing, the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances requires all rental property to be licensed. Regulatory Services oversees the licensing and inspection of rental housing to ensure living environments that contributes to healthful individual and family living.

Interactive maps

These interactive maps have information that's commonly requested from the City.

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