Labor Standards Enforcement Division

This division handles the City's Sick and Safe Time, Minimum Wage, and Wage Theft ordinances.
 Safety. Well-being. Prosperity.
Safety. Well-being. Prosperity.


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The Labor Standards Enforcement Division (LSED) oversees compliance with the City's Sick and Safe TimeMinimum Wage , and Wage Theft ordinances. The Minimum Wage Ordinance sets a new hourly minimum wage standard for work ​performed in Minneapolis. The Sick and Safe Time Ordinance creates access to time off work for employees across the city. The Wage Theft Ordinance works with the state's wage theft law to protect employers and employees and to ensure people receive all wages and benefits to which they're entitled.  

The City of Minneapolis believes no one should have to choose between being healthy, being safe and being paid a fair wage. LSED, a Division of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights, helps everyone understand employment standards and issues penalties when necessary.

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Anyone with information about exploited workers in Minneapolis (regardless of immigration status or lack thereof) should contact us to file a report.  

Employers are encouraged to contact us for technical assistance and evaluation of their policies.

Shared prosperity

Proud Minneapolis employers support their employees; labor standards exist to create conditions that allow them to do so successfully. When employees are allowed to care for themselves and their families, Minneapolis is a healthier, more secure, and more economically productive community.


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Labor Standards Enforcement Division

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