Statement of Economic Interest Procedure

Procedures for completing a Statement of Economic Interest.

I. Purpose

State and local laws require that persons holding certain positions in City government file a Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) form. The list of positions in the City of Minneapolis for which an SEI must be filed is maintained by Human Resources. An SEI must be filed at the time of appointment to and termination from an SEI position. Supplemental SEI forms must also be filed annually.

II. Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources tracks when a position requires an SEI form on file. The HRIS field is ‘key position’ flag in the database. Human Resources will produce a report of SEI positions with persons’ names for City Council and notify the City Clerk’s Office as well as the Ethics Officer when changes occur. Human Resources Generalists are available to assist hiring managers with their responsibilities in this process.

  1. City Clerk’s office will administer the filing process by requesting completion of the appropriate forms by persons in SEI positions and by keeping the completed forms on file.
  2. Hiring Manager (or designee) assists the person in completing a Job Change Form.
  3. Ethics Officer provides assistance to City officials and staff with interpretation and implementation of the Ethics Code, including the SEI requirements.
  4. Affected persons include full-time, part-time, or interim persons hired to fill an SEI position.

III. Forms

The Hire Form and Job Change Form require the Hiring Manager to indicate if an SEI Form is required.

SEI Forms to be completed by persons selected for an SEI position.

IV. Process

  1. The applicant and Hiring Manager complete the Hire Form or Job Change Form.
  2. The Hiring Manager determines if the SEI form is needed by checking HRIS to see if the key position flag is marked.
  3. If an SEI Form is required, the Hiring Manager sends a copy of the Hire Form or Job Change form to the City Clerk’s Office as well as Human Resources.
  4. The City Clerk’s Office verifies that the job requires an SEI form against the HRIS ‘key position’ field or by running the Statement of Economic Interests summary report.
  5. The City Clerk’s Office sends the appropriate SEI forms to the persons selected for SEI positions.
  6. Persons selected for positions subject to the SEI filing requirement complete and return the SEI forms to the City Clerk’s Office.
  7. The City Clerk’s Office keeps the forms on file. The City Clerk’s Office annually notifies persons holding SEI positions regarding the requirement for supplemental SEI’s.
  8. The Hiring Manager notifies the City Clerk’s Office when a person in an SEI position is not reappointed or is terminated.
  9. Human Resources may consult with the Ethics Officer and may make changes to the list of positions subject to the filing requirement that are appropriate based upon the addition, elimination, or transfer of positions, or changes in position responsibilities.
  10. Human Resources shall submit an updated list of positions subject to the filing requirement to the City Council at its last regularly-scheduled meeting of the year.