Employee Reimbursements Procedure

Procedure for all employee reimbursements for mileage, travel and other reimbursements.

Effective Nov. 14, 2003, all employee reimbursements for mileage, travel and other reimbursements (under the category employee reimbursements) will be made through the payroll system. If you have direct deposit, these reimbursements will be deposited into your bank account along with your paycheck. If you do not have direct deposit, you will see your reimbursement on your biweekly paycheck.

All reimbursement requests must still comply with City policies and procedures and have all supporting documentation attached. Present your reimbursement information and documentation to your department's accounting staff.

When you can expect reimbursement will depend on the time you submit your paperwork. Please note that reimbursements are entered into the HRIS system during time entry week, which is the week after your regular payday.

If you have any questions regarding employee reimbursements on the payroll system, please contact Central Payroll at (612) 673-2400.  Ask for the employee currently in charge of employee reimbursements.

Attention Department Accounting Staff

It is required that you add the employee number, earnings code and coding string on each reimbursement request before you submit it to your representative. Central Payroll (612) 673-2400 can answer any questions you may have in this area.

Listed below are the earnings codes. Please determine the appropriate code as per the type of reimbursement:

Earning CodesDescription
EFB Food & Beverage Reimbursement
EMD Membership & Dues Reimbursement
EMP Miscellaneous Purchase Reimbursement
EMS Miscellaneous Material & Supplies
EPK Parking
EPO Postage
ERE Educational Reimbursement
EMR Mileage - per mile
TVL Travel