Rezoning studies common questions

We list the common questions about rezoning studies.

What is a rezoning study

A Rezoning Study is an analysis of the existing zoning in an area no less than 40 acres. Rezoning Studies usually result in a recommendation to change the zoning of multiple parcels so that zoning is consistent with adopted future land use plans.

It is the City’s goal to encourage the type of development envisioned in adopted City plans and prevent development that is inconsistent with those plans. The City also has a legal obligation to ensure that zoning reflects adopted land use goals.

What are the plans for my area and when were they adopted

There are adopted plans that cover areas all over the City.  More information can be found on Minneapolis 2040

Has there been a rezoning study in my area recently

A map of all rezoning studies completed over the years is in the progress of being created. Until then, refer to the individual project pages or recently completed and in progress rezoning studies.

What happens if my property is rezoned

Zoning regulates the way a property can be legally used including the size of buildings allowed, hours of business operation, lot coverage, signage, number of dwelling units allowed, and primary usage. If your property is rezoned, you can continue to use your property as you have in the past.

Sometimes, rezoning allows for more development than is currently on a site. Other times, rezoning allows property to be used in a way that is different from what is currently allowed. When a new zoning district is applied to a property that does not allow the use that was legally established under the previous zoning district, the property becomes legally nonconforming.

The City Planning Commission may allow a change from one nonconforming use to a different nonconforming use if it is compatible with the surrounding area and it has impacts on surrounding properties that are of similar or lower intensity than the existing nonconforming use. In general, the Planning Commission considers the following in making its decision: hours of operation, signage, traffic, parking, the nature of the business, number of employees, building size, aesthetics, lighting, the generation of noise, heat, glare, and vibration. Nonconforming uses are generally not allowed to expand.

If my home is damaged or destroyed, can I rebuild it?

Yes. State law allows you to rebuild your home in the event it is damaged or destroyed by fire or other natural occurrence no matter what zoning district your home is in. Depending on your specific situation, there may be a limit on the length of time you can take to rebuild your property. Refer to state statute, or contact Minneapolis 311 for more information.


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