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Minneapolis 2040, the City’s new comprehensive plan, includes policies and regulations related to the scale of new development throughout Minneapolis. The plan’s 14 Built Form Districts guide the development of new regulations, governing issues such as:

  • Building height
  • Floor area ratio (FAR)
  • Lot size and setbacks from property lines
  • Limits on how much of a property may be covered by buildings and impervious surfaces

Adopted Built Form Regulations

The adopted built form regulations went into effect on January 1, 2021. They include both code text and map updates, with new Built Form Overlay Districts covering all properties in the city. Please note that not every property in the city will be redeveloped between now and 2040. These regulations will provide guidance if a change is proposed by a property owner.

More information about the built form regulations, including quick reference guides for each district and premiums, can be found on the Minneapolis 2040 website.

View the adopted regulations in Municode

Goals of the amendment

New built form regulations will ensure that key elements of Minneapolis 2040 will be implemented. These regulations are intended to provide a greater degree of predictability related to the scale of new buildings allowed in different parts of the city, including:

  • Neighborhood interiors
  • Corridors, production/employment areas
  • Downtown
  • Areas served by high-frequency transit

Built form policies and regulations are a critical part of the City’s plan to accommodate additional residents and jobs while combating climate change.

Through a separate land use rezoning study, the City implemented land use regulations to complement built form regulations. While built form regulations govern the scale of new buildings, land use regulations govern allowed uses, such as:

  • Mixed use
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Production
  • Parks and open spaces

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