Water works

Water Works is a new park of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board located within Mill Ruins Park overlooking Owámniyomni (Saint Anthony Falls).

Honoring two sacred Dakhóta sites, Owámniyomni and Wanáǧi Wíta



Diagram of water works project


Project details

Partners: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Budget: $400,000

Status: Early planning stage

Artist, Inkpa Mani was selected by a panel of community members, artists, arts and design professionals, and others to design and fabricate artwork for this new park. The artwork will celebrate the histories, languages and vibrant cultures of Indigenous and Dakhóta people and honor the two nearby sacred Dakhóta sites- Owámniyomni (St. Anthony Falls) and Wanáǧi Wíta (Spirit Island) – destroyed in the 1960’s to make way for the nearby lock and dam. Some goals of the public art project include:

  • Be a welcoming and inclusive place for Dakhóta and Native people.
  • Educate people about Dakhóta history, culture and language.
  • Illuminate the significance of this sacred site and tell the stories of Indigenous people who lived and frequented this area.
  • Provide an immersive, dynamic experience and allow visitors to see themselves as part of the experience.
  • Create artwork that is powerful and instrumental to the space, rather than decorative.
  • Be thoughtfully integrate into the park’s architectural elements and landscape.

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