Samatar crossing

Samatar Crossing spans Interstate I-35, serving as a connector between downtown and the Downtown East Neighborhood and the West Bank and Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood.

Project details


Partners: Public Works

Budget: $250,000

Status: Complete. Celebration to occur in 2024.

Artists: Ifrah Mansour, Randy Walker, and Aaron Marx

Poets: Sun Yung Shin, Sharon M. Day, ShaVunda Brown, Aegor, Ahmed Said Salah, Sixco, and Mohamed Shariff

Samatar Crossing is a pedestrian and bike path connecting downtown to the West Bank. It is named in honor of Hussein Samatar, the first Somali-American elected to public office in Minneapolis. Samatar passed away in 2013. Samatar’s personal story and professional contributions made an enormous impact. As a result, many of Minnesota’s immigrants have crossed over one from culture to another and thrived.

Common Currents is an artwork inspired by the journeys people have undertaken to begin new chapters in Minneapolis. These journeys traverse both physical and mental distances. The crossings are often as transformative as the destinations.

Common Currents is a two-part artwork sited at each end of Samatar Crossing. The two the wave-like sculptures include colorful steel panels inscribed with poetry by local poets. They evoke Hussein Samatar’s enduring legacy of bridging cultures.

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Common Currents artwork

Photo of Common Currents by Randy Walker

Horizonal yellow, red, blue and green sculpture in wave-like shape. The colored panels are engraved with poetry


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