Art in the new Public Service Building

We seek to create an inviting space that reflects the culture and diversity of the city.

Project Details


Partners: Finance and Property Services

Budget: $2,000,000

Status: Complete

The new Public Service Building is at 505 Fourth Ave. S. diagonally across from City Hall. It co-locates City employees and services from several sites throughout downtown to serve the City’s broad range of constituents. The design team for building includes the Minneapolis firm MSR (Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle) working in partnership with the international firm Henning Larsen.

Learn about the seventeen new artworks and the artists .

Interactive Map

View an interactive map of the artworks in this building.

Goals of the public art project

  • Create a public space that is inviting, pleasant and compelling for visiting businesses and residents.
  • Reflect the culture and diversity of the city through history and storytelling.
  • Reflect the mission of public service, the City’s commitment to transparency, and educate the public about the City services.
  • Support a work environment that promotes wellness, a diversity of work styles, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Be thoughtfully integrated into the architectural identity and design, materials, and palette.
  • Be contemporary, yet timelessly elegant, and meaningful.
  • Enhance the focal points, entrances, plazas, and wayfinding systems.
  • Celebrate the sustainability goals of this project and the facility.
  • Be durable and maintainable in Minneapolis' climate and urban environment.

Contact us

Mary Altman

Public Arts Administrator

Arts & Cultural Affairs Department




Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave. S., Room 510
Minneapolis, MN 55415