Green Crescent 35W@94 Project

The Green Crescent Project, part of the 35W@94 project, is a one- block stretch with new bike and pedestrian trails between Stevens Avenue and I-35W and Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway.


Partners: Public Works, MNDOT
Budget: $250,000
Status: The sculpture has been installed. Lighting for the artwork will be installed this fall.

The Green Crescent Project, part of the 35W@94 project, is a one-block throughfare between Stevens Avenue and I-35W, and Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway. It serves as a high-quality pedestrian and bicycle link for community members, commuters, visitors, and anyone making a connection between the Midtown Greenway, Lake Street, and the new transit facility and plaza.

Artists Maria Cristina (Tina) and Xavier Tavera designed a pair of lenticular sculptures with images that appear to change as the viewer passes by.  The artists chose the horse image for its importance in many Native American, Black, African, Hmong and Mexican communities. The birds represent the flow of migration and reference the displacement suffered by many people. The tree is a symbol for the people who have been here for generations and also references those who have found a new home in this community by planting new roots. The sculptures are made of sixteen-foot-high Corten steel columns, with stainless steel inserts and are illuminated at night.

This public art project was developed by the City of Minneapolis Art in Public Places program which integrates public art into city planning, services, design, and infrastructure. This artwork can also be found on one of eight interactive maps of public art in the City. 

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