Green Crescent 35W@94 Project

The Green Crescent Project, part of the 35W@94 project, is a one- block stretch with new bike and pedestrian trails between Stevens Avenue and I-35W and Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway.


Two people standing outside in front of a sculpture with an image of a horse

Partners: Public Works, MNDOT
Budget: $250,000
Status: The sculpture has been installed. Lighting for the artwork will be installed this spring.

The Green Crescent Project, part of the 35W@94 project, is a one-block throughfare between Stevens Avenue and I-35W and Lake Street and the Midtown Greenway. It serves as a high-quality pedestrian and bicycle link for community members, commuters, visitors, and anyone making a connection between the Midtown Greenway, Lake Street, and a new transit facility and plaza.

Artists Maria Cristina (“Tina”) Tavera and Xavier Tavera  designed a lenticular artwork. The sculpture transitions visually as the viewer passes by. Moving north, towards the Midtown Greenway, a horse becomes visible. Progressing in the other direction, south towards Lake Street, a flock of birds appear. The artwork is dynamic to encourage movement. 

The image of a horse was chosen because it is important to numerous Native American communities and revered by Black, African, Hmong, and Mexican cultures. The horse running free without a rider also references the dismantling of social hierarchies. The birds are a symbol of the people who have migrated to this region as it is the most diverse area in Minnesota.  

The sculpture is made of twenty, sixteen-foot-high Corten weathering steel columns, spanning approximately thirty-three feet, with stainless steel inserts, and will be lit externally.

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