Land Use Rezoning Study

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Minneapolis 2040, the City’s comprehensive plan, includes policies that guide how land should be used. State law requires consistency between adopted plans and a city’s zoning ordinance. This effort will satisfy that requirement, using the comprehensive plan’s 12 Future Land Use categories to guide the development of new regulations, governing issues such as:

  • Uses allowed in each zoning district
  • Development standards that apply to uses allowed by zoning district (size of individual uses, where retail mixed-use is required, etc.)
  • Creation and mapping of new zoning districts to be consistent with the Future Land Use Map in Minneapolis 2040

Adopted Land Use Regulations

The adoption of the land use rezoning study resulted in a new zoning code with a new structure and fewer chapters. The new zoning code with updated land use regulations went into effect on July 1, 2023.  The new land use regulations include both code text and map updates, with new primary zoning districts for all properties in the City.

More information about the new zoning code, including a quick reference guide for the new primary zoning districts and the new consolidated use table for all districts, can be found on the Minneapolis 2040 website.

The new zoning regulations are available in Municode.

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Land Use Rezoning Study

We updated the Zoning Code to reach Minneapolis 2040 goals. Visit the Land Use Rezoning Study Implementation page on the Minneapolis2040 website to read more!

Goals of the amendment

New and updated land use regulations will ensure that key elements of Minneapolis 2040 will be implemented.

  • Climate change resilience and Clean environment through more efficient use of land by setting the stage for more complete neighborhoods and more efficient transportation options and travel patterns.
  • Affordable and accessible housing and Complete neighborhoods by improving access to a variety of land use designations citywide, setting the stage for potential access to more goods and services and employment opportunities closer to where people live and work.
  • More residents and jobs by regulating the efficient use of land.
  • Eliminate disparities by ensuring ample access to a variety of land use designations citywide, making it easier to achieve other goals related to complete neighborhoods and transportation access.

This amendment also provides the opportunity to make the zoning ordinance easier for users to navigate, and easier for staff to administer. Special attention will be paid to the structure of the ordinance with an eye toward making it a more user-friendly tool. Some examples of how this outcome could be achieved:

  • Reducing the overall number of zoning districts – including the potential elimination of overlay districts with regulations better administered elsewhere
  • Broader descriptions of allowed uses, meaning fewer individual uses to distinguish from one another
  • Improving clarity for all stakeholders by reducing the instances where special applications are needed to establish a given use


City Planning Commission Committee of the Whole

  • April 13, 2023 - CPED staff discussed changes made to the staff-recommended code text and maps since the beginning of the public review period on January 12, 2023.
  • March 9, 2023 – Staff discussed zoning ordinance revisions intended to implement the future land use policies of Minneapolis 2040.
  • February 9, 2023 - Staff presented content on a selection of specific uses and how they are addressed in the draft zoning ordinance
  • January 12, 2023 – This meeting indicates the start of the 45-day public review period for the Land Use Rezoning Study. 
  • August 18, 2022 – Staff presented an update on the project including information on proposed new primary districts, overlay district changes, commercial use standards, use tables, and code structure.
  • March 10, 2022 – Staff gave an overview of the process to come, highlighting key considerations and a general timeline of the work.

Public meetings and outreach

Adoption process

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing – April 24, 2023
  • Business, Inspections, Housing, and Zoning Committee – May 16, 2023
  • City Council – May 25, 2023
  • Ordinance Publication – June 5, 2023
  • Effective Date – July 1, 2023


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