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On October 6, 2022, the City Council adopted updates to the zoning ordinance that incentivize the provision of electric vehicle chargers and related infrastructure in new development. These new regulations also now require EV chargers and infrastructure in new and expanded parking lots. The changes are summarized below.

  • The incentives utilize our existing points systems in the zoning code. Moving forward new developments must provide EV chargers and related infrastructure when pursuing PUD points, Height premium points, or FAR premium points for underground/enclosed parking.
  • For 1-3 unit development, there is a new standard that incentivizes EV charging.
  • For new surface parking lots of 20 spaces or more, or when a lot is expanded by 20 spaces or more, there is now a requirement to supply EV charging stations.

Read about the passage of Ordinance amending regulations related to electric vehicle charging

Goals of the amendment

Incentivizing the provision of electric vehicle charging infrastructure prepares new development for the ongoing market transition toward electric vehicles. Retrofits of existing buildings can be cost-prohibitive. Incentivizing the inclusion of this infrastructure at the time of building construction makes it more likely that more people will have access to this infrastructure in the long run. This amendment directly addresses the Minneapolis 2040 goals of…

Applicable sections of the zoning code

The following chapters of the zoning code are expected to be impacted by the proposed ordinance and are under consideration as part of the amendment:

  • Chapter 520, Introductory Provisions
  • Chapter 521, Zoning Districts and Maps Generally
  • Chapter 525, Administration and Enforcement
  • Chapter 527, Planned Unit Development
  • Chapter 529, Interim Ordinances
  • Chapter 530, Site Plan Review
  • Chapter 531, Nonconforming Uses and Structures
  • Chapter 535, Regulations of General Applicability
  • Chapter 536, Specific Development Standards
  • Chapter 537, Accessory Uses and Structures
  • Chapter 541, Off-Street Parking and Loading
  • Chapter 543, On-Premise Signs
  • Chapter 544, Off-Premise Advertising Signs and Billboards
  • Chapter 546, Residence Districts
  • Chapter 547, Office Residence Districts
  • Chapter 548, Commercial Districts
  • Chapter 549, Downtown Districts
  • Chapter 550, Industrial Districts
  • Chapter 551, Overlay Districts



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