Drive-through facilities amendment

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An ordinance was adopted by the Minneapolis City Council on August 8, 2019, prohibiting drive-through facilities throughout the city. The ordinance also added clarity to the definition of “drive-through facility.” Existing drive-through facilities may continue to operate, provided they do not discontinue operation for more than a year. Prior to adoption of this ordinance, drive-through facilities were already banned in 17 of the 23 primary zoning districts.

Goals of the amendment

Prohibiting drive-throughs in all areas of the city fulfills adopted policy goals related to land use, transportation, and the environment. The amendment would also achieve consistency with policies found in the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan.

The ordinance is intended to reduce the following negative impacts associated with drive-through facilities:

  • Vehicle emissions and air pollution resulting from trip generation and idling vehicles
  • Excess paved areas to accommodate vehicle waiting, queuing, and maneuvering. (Note: drive-throughs are subject to minimum stacking space and lane dimension requirements in Chapter 541, Off-Street Parking and Loading, Section 541.390).
  • More curb cuts, leading to more conflict points between vehicles and pedestrians, as well as the potential for vehicles blocking sidewalks
  • Litter, noise, and light impacts
  • Auto-oriented site and building design

Applicable sections of the zoning code

The following chapters of the zoning code were amended as part of this ordinance:

  • Chapter 520, Introductory Provisions
  • Chapter 521, Zoning Districts and Maps Generally
  • Chapter 530, Site Plan Review
  • Chapter 531, Nonconforming Uses and Structures
  • Chapter 541, Off-Street Parking and Loading
  • Chapter 543, On-Premise Signs
  • Chapter 548, Commercial Districts
  • Chapter 549, Downtown Districts
  • Chapter 550, Industrial Districts
  • Chapter 551, Overlay Districts


Effective date

Following mayoral signature, the ordinance became effective on August 17, 2019.

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