Short-term rental registration

Short-term rental registrations and licenses are required for certain types of short-term rentals.

Requirements for short-term rental hosts

Hosts must apply for a short-term rental license and list the registration ID number on all platforms. Further conditions may apply depending upon the short-term rental platform.

Exempt Properties: Certain properties (only renting a bedroom, 30+ day rentals, etc.) are exempt from needing to list a registration ID. However, depending on your short-term rental platform, you may still be required to indicate this exemption in your account.

Short-term rental registrations require the following:

  • A management plan
  • Liability insurance
  • Neighbor notification
  • Posting a floor plan in the unit
  • Including the property's rental license registration number in the online listing
If you own both short-term and regular rental units in the same property, you need to license the short-term and regular units separately. Short-term rental licenses follow the same fee structure and inspection cycle as regular licenses and may include either a conversion fee or a change of ownership fee, depending on the type of unit being rented.
Short-term registrations (see below) cost $50. There's no fee to change a current regular rental license to a short-term license.

Neighbor notification

A neighbor notification letter template is included in the application packet. For help finding contact information for neighbor notification, see the City's PropertyInfo resource. If you live next to a condominium building, you only need to send one letter to the management company, not each individual unit.

Ownership limits

Owners are limited to one short-term rental property in Minneapolis in addition to their homesteaded property. This includes limited liability companies (LLCs).

In buildings with 20 or more units, no more than 10% of the units can be short-term rentals. 

Official information

Short-term rental categories

If you rent...Short-term rental ordinance requires...
  • No registration or license required
Homesteaded unit or condo
  • Short-term rental registration required
  • Post short-term rental information in each unit
  • List registration ID on the platform listing
  • Limit occupants to 10, regardless of property size
Non-homesteaded units in a building with less than 20 units

Short-term rental license, including:

  • List license ID on the platform listing
  • Limit occupants to 10, regardless of property size
  • Submit a management and floor plan
  • Maximum of one non-homesteaded short-term rental unit allowed in the city
Non-homesteaded units in a building with 20 or more units

Short-term rental license, including the requirements above

  • Maximum of 10% of the units in the building can be short-term rentals (doesn't apply to condo buildings)

What property owners and managers can do

  • Complete your management plan to address matters such as maintenance, noise, trash and parking to help keep your property in compliance with the housing maintenance code. This keeps your guests safe and gives you the opportunity to improve the host and neighborhood experience.      
  • If the platform you use does not offer it, make sure to get liability insurance that covers the use of your unit(s) as a short term rental. You must be covered for no less than $300,000 in damages. 
  • Let your neighbors know if someone will be staying at your property and encourage them to contact you directly if they have issues or concerns. If an emergency arises, they should contact 911 first, then alert you.  
  • Draw up a floor plan that clearly indicates all exits and escape routes in your rental(s). This does not need to be exactly to scale but should indicate directional north. 

Determine what type of unit you have

Not sure about what type of unit you have?

  1. Will you be renting the "entire" place?
  2. Is there a separate entrance for the guest?
  3. Is the rented space a basement or attic space?
  4. Do you share common space with the renter?

If you answered yes to the first three questions or no to question four, contact 311 to discuss your listing.

Application packet

The application packet for a short-term rental includes:

  • Application form
  • Management plan
  • Neighbor notification letter example
  • Sample floor plan requirements
  • Rental license inspection checklist

STR - Short-term Rental Packet

Print your short-term rental registration

The property's short-term rental registration must be prominently posted near the entrance to the unit or building.

Print your short-term rental registration

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