Plumbing permits

Information on plumbing permits licensed by the City of Minneapolis.

Note: Many projects require more than one permit. To determine which permits you need for your project, contact Minneapolis 311. 

A plumbing permit is required to:

  • Replace or install fixtures (sinks, showers, tubs, etc.).
  • Replace or install water piping.
  • Replace or install a water heater.
  • Install a non-testable backflow preventer device.  Note: Testable backflow device is covered under Regulated Backflow Assembly (RBA) Program.
  • Connect gas appliances, such as stoves, dryers, or fireplaces, to gas piping.
  • mechanical permit is required for connecting a furnace.) Note: A licensed contractor must get the permit and perform the work of connecting the gas to the furnace. Find a licensed contractor 

When a plumbing permit is not required:

Unless the plumbing work poses an unsanitary or hazardous condition, the administrative authority Minneapolis Construction Code Services waives the permit, inspection, and testing requirements for the following plumbing work performed in one- and two-family dwellings,

  1. The reconnection of an existing water supply line to a replacement appliance that is in like kind and does not involve the replacement or alteration of the existing water supply line.
  2. Replacement of the internal working components of existing water closets, faucets, or valves.
  3. Replacement of sink faucets when the work does not include alterations to the existing plumbing piping system; or
  4. Replacement or resetting of water closets when the work does not include alterations to the existing plumbing piping systems.
  5. Replacement of a clean-out plug
  6. Minor repair of broken drain, waste, and vent pipes
  7. Minor repair of leaking fixtures
  8. Minor repair of leaking water pipes
  9. The reconnection or replacement of a dishwasher or ice maker
  10. New or replacement of garbage disposals

Additional information regarding plumbing work that may be exempt can be found in the Minnesota Plumbing Code MN Rules Chapter 1300.0215.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs can be done without first obtaining the necessary permits but the permits must be obtained after the work has been completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Licensing requirements

A homeowner who is the occupant of a single-family detached dwelling or single-family attached dwelling may apply for a permit to perform plumbing work as listed above on that property. (Note: single-family detached and attached dwellings as defined in Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Section 89.30)

The City of Minneapolis issues licenses to plumbing contractors. A contractor applying for a license must either hold a City of Minneapolis Certificate of Competency at the master level or employ a tradesperson who does. Obtain a business license

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