ROAD standard plates

ROAD standard plate information for curbs, driveways, alleys, sidewalks and streets in Minneapolis.

ROAD standard plates only

Table of contents

Road-1000 series: curbs and gutters
Number Title Approval date Associated documents
ROAD-1000 B612 Curb and Gutter 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1001 B612 Curb and Gutter Tipout 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1002 B618 Curb and Gutter 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1003 B624 Curb and Gutter 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1004 B624 Curb and Gutter Modified 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1005 B624 Curb and Gutter Tipout 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1006 B660 Curb and Gutter 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1007 D412 Curb and Gutter Modified 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1008 Parkway Vertical Curb and Gutter 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1009 Reinforcing at Curb Outlet 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1010 Saw Cut at Curb and Gutter Removal 5/19/2008  
ROAD-1011 Restoration Requirements for Bituminous Curb Match 2/1/2021 Bituminous curb match fee schedule 4/1/2021


Road 2000 Series: Driveways
Number Title Approval date
ROAD-2000-R1 Driveway Reference (1 OF 2) 7/29/2014
ROAD-2000-R1 Driveway Reference (2 OF 2) 7/29/2014
ROAD-2001-R2 Typical Driveway Construction 3/25/2020
ROAD-2002 Typical Driveway 5/19/2008
ROAD-2003-R2 Typical Sidewalk and Driveway Construction 3/25/2020
ROAD-2004 Gates, Manholes, Monuments, etc. in Concrete Pavement 5/19/2008


Road-3000 series: alleys
Number Title Approval date
ROAD-3000 Typical Alley Section 5/19/2008
ROAD-3001-R1 Typical Concrete Panel Layout for Residential Alley Corners 6/29/2015


Road-4000 series: sidewalks
Number Title Approval date
ROAD-4001 Removed 6/14/2017 (see TRAF-5060 Foundation - Sign - Collar Installation)  
ROAD-4002 Areaway Complete Abandonment 5/19/2008
ROAD-4003 Areaway Partial Abandonment 5/19/2008
ROAD-4004-R1 City of Minneapolis Areaway New or Renovation Standard 12/29/2014
ROAD-4005-R1 Tree Ring Installation Guide 1/10/2018


Road-5000 series: streets
Number Title Approval date
ROAD-5000 Transverse Crack Control Joints for New Bituminous Pavement 5/19/2008
ROAD-5001 Concrete Pavement Spot Cuts - Full Depth Restoration 2/17/2017


Road-6000 series: miscellaneous roadway components
Number Title Approval date
ROAD-6000 Adjust Survey Monument Cover 5/21/2008
ROAD-6001 Construct Survey Monument 5/21/2008

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