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As of 2020, the City of Minneapolis has new rules for carryout bags. We explain what you need to know to follow the rules.

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En 2020, hay nuevas reglas para las bolsas de transporte en la ciudad de Minneapolis.

As of 2020, Minneapolis has new rules for carryout bags. Here’s what you need to know to follow the rules.


Carryout bags include single-use plastic, compostable, paper, and reusable bags. The ordinance does not apply to boxes.


Retailers must charge a minimum five cent fee per carryout bag. The fee is kept by the retailer and is not a tax. It can be put towards the cost of the bags, used for other expenses, or donated to charity. These fees are not taxable.

Unless a transaction is specifically exempt (see the list at right) a retailer must charge the fee to customers, and can’t choose to absorb the cost. In general, non-profits are not exempt from the fee.

Read more about nontaxable sales from the MN Department of Revenue.

Education and Enforcement

Due to the pandemic, implementation has been delayed until October 1, 2021. The City will focus on education and support for businesses. In a few months, enforcement may be necessary if a retailer is out of compliance. This could include administrative citations.


These types of bags are exempt:

  • Produce and bulk good bags
  • Restaurant carryout bags
  • Drycleaning bags
  • Newspaper and doorhanger bags
  • Litter clean up bags
  • Secondhand bags
  • Personal belonging bags
  • Flower wrap bags
  • Prescription drug bags
  • Bags brought by a customer
  • Bags in packages with multiple bags

These types of establishments are exempt:

  • Those without a point of sale system
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Food banks
  • Car dealerships & car washes

These types of customers are exempt:

  • Those using a voucher or electronic benefits card for a recognized Minnesota food assistance program

Read the Bring Your Own Bag ordinance

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