Food defense

We explain what you can do to protect food from contamination on purpose or by accident.


Food defense
Protecting food from being contaminated or changed either on purpose or by accident to cause illness or harm.  

Intentional contamination
When food is contaminated or changed on purpose to cause: 

  • People to get sick or die 
  • Economic disruption 


  • A person seeks revenge against another person or group 
  • An unhappy employee tries to harm an employer or former employer
  • A person creates fear through a terrorist act by using food as a weapon 

Unintentional contamination
When food is contaminated or changed by accident. 

What businesses can do

Simple steps can improve your food defense practices. 


Train your staff in food defense.

Secure access to your business

  • Keep doors locked
  • Limit access to areas where you store and prepare food
  • Only allow authorized personnel in kitchens and delivery areas


  • Check in all food deliveries
  • Check ID for delivery drivers and have them sign in
  • Compare items delivered to invoice or packing slip
  • Only accept food from approved sources


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