Apply for funding to help put solar on your roof.




The goal of this program is to encourage the building of renewable solar energy throughout the City of Minneapolis. 

Solar program eligibility

  • Solar Project must be located in the City of Minneapolis
  • Solar Project must not be built or have started construction before applying
  • Eligible Property Types
    • Business/Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Multifamily (3 units of More)
    • Non-Profit
    • Enrolled in the City's 4d Affordable Housing Incentive Program
    • Single-Family (Solar Group Purchase Only)

Look for a complete list of project eligibility and program rules in your Green Cost Share Application.

Solar program incentives

The table below shows the incentives available for solar energy projects this year. Your city match is based on the first year’s estimated electricity production of your solar energy system in kilowatt hours (kWh-AC) and the incentive category your project qualifies for. 

Incentive Category

Production Based Incentive Rate

How to Qualify
Base Rate $0.20 per estimated annual kWh production Any Eligible Property
Environmental Justice Rate $0.35 per estimated annual kWh production

Any Eligible Property in;

  1. A Minneapolis Green Zone
  2. A Minneapolis Great Street Eligible Priority Area
  3. An income qualified housing or utility bill support program (For Example: Subsidized Housing, 4d Affordable Housing Incentive Program, Income Qualified Solar*Rewards)
Minneapolis Forward Rate $0.40 per estimated annual kWh production Eligible properties significantly impacted by the civil unrest in 2020. Use the space provided in the application questions to explain the physical and economic damage to your property

Program applications

Click the links below to apply by the next application deadline.

Standard solar 

Fill out the standard solar online application

Group purchase 

Fill out the group purchase online application


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