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Minneapolis 911 is proud to serve the citizens of Minneapolis. We are proud of how we do it. Most 911 calls are answered in less than 10 seconds. Answering 911 calls quickly is primary objective at Minneapolis 911, it is the crucial first step in public safety response.

On average, there are over 1,000 police, fire and ambulance responses per day. Police calls are handled in order of urgency. Threats to life or property are handled first, followed by those calls where the situation is more stable. This may result in incidents like music complaints having to wait, while crimes like robberies and assaults are dealt with.

Minneapolis 911 staff also actively work to educate the public about what we do. Our public education staff are available to attend block parties and community meetings to address questions and concerns about 911 service.  Please feel free to email the 911 Community Outreach Supervisor Jen Geiselhart for questions or requests to attend community meetings. 

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Questions or concerns

Callers with questions or concerns about specific 911 calls or service should request to speak to the on-duty 911 supervisor; call at 612-348-2345 and ask for a supervisor.

Awards received

The Minneapolis 911 Center is regularly recognized by the MN APCO-NENA Chapter for their outstanding efforts. One particular incident recognized a Minneapolis dispatcher's extensive knowledge of our city, which helped save the life of a man when his legs were severed by a train in an accident in early 2014. The dispatcher’s familiarity with the area helped guide responding officers who were able to apply tourniquets until paramedics arrived. Minneapolis dispatchers perform this kind of effort everyday working to assist Minneapolis residents and visitors when they need 911 help.

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911 Department

If you need Police, Fire or Medical to respond to your location, call 911.

Non-emergency crime reports or prior incidents that do not require a police response, call 311.

If you are outside of Minneapolis city limits, but need an immediate Minneapolis Police response, call 612-348-2345