Goals and expectations

The New Nicollet Redevelopment will reconnect and serve the people who live here.


Reconnect people and places 

  • Rebuild the Nicollet Avenue right-of-way (ROW). 
  • Connect the Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue commercial corridors. 

Build for who's here

  • Build affordable housing.
  • Serve existing residents. 
  • Provide new opportunities for community businesses. 
  • Design to reflect the community. 

Live, work, shop, and play here 

  • Create more housing.  
  • Re-establish the shopping district. 
  • Create public space.

Build safe, equitable, sustainable transportation networks

Our priorities include:

  • Fast, frequent and reliable transit service
  • Pedestrian safety, access and comfort  
  • Safe and comfortable bike connections

Design safe and healthy communities 

  • Incorporate sustainable practices. 
  • Mitigate climate change. 
  • Design, build, and maintain safe, healthy public spaces.

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Get more details about what to expect for Nicollet Avenue; transit, walking and biking connections; public space;, housing and retail development; anti-displacement; sustainability and more.

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