You can read the New Nicollet Redevelopment Phase I report.


Report highlights

The Phase I Engagement Summary describes how the engagement team gathered and analyzed feedback.

During Phase I, the City:

  • Hosted 21 events where residents submitted 1,750 comments
    • One open house
    • Two rounds of canvassing
    • Three stakeholder meetings
    • Four focus groups
    • Four community meetings
    • Seven tabling events
  • Conducted one online survey
    • We received over 2,500 comments from residents who live in the four surrounding neighborhoods.

The report also outlines:

  • Themes from engagement feedback
  • Survey results


Report highlights

The Desired Outcomes report consolidates the engagement feedback. The engagement team:

  • Developed the priorities based on what they heard the stakeholders say they want to see
  • Divided the list of outcomes into six themes  

Six themes

  • Connecting people to places  
  • Culturally relevant community spaces  
  • Housing affordability and wealth building  
  • Business opportunities and success 
  • Space for community services 
  • Designing for inclusivity, safety, and sustainability 

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