Surface Water & Sewers

Learn about the services Surface Water and Sewers provides and how we help protect the environment.

Our mission

  • To increase awareness of stormwater management and surface water quality issues
  • To provide information about City of Minneapolis programs and operations that will improve surface water quality
  • To encourage community involvement and participation in watershed stewardship

What we do

The Surface Water & Sewers (SWS) Division of Public Works maintains the sanitary sewer and drainage systems within the City of Minneapolis. This includes planning, designing and operating for SWS.

Stormwater news

Minneapolis Adopt-A-Drain program

In 2018, 360 people signed up for the Adopt-A-Drain program, keeping 908 storm drains clean in Minneapolis. Through the end of 2018, 835 people have adopted over 2,200 storm drains in Minneapolis! To sign up and find out more about the program, click here.  

Fat, oils & grease

See the 2018 Star Tribune article about the efforts by the City of Minneapolis to keep Fat, Oil & Grease out of sanitary sewers.

Street sweeping

You can help keep Minneapolis streets and waterways clean by watching this street sweeping video to learn why and how the City of Minneapolis sweeps streets.

Help prevent stormwater pollution by going through the Salt Mini Course and by keeping salt out of the waters of Minneapolis.

Stormwater and sanitary sewer review process

Chapter 54 is a Minneapolis ordinance that establishes requirements for land-disturbing activities, and for existing stormwater devices. The Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer guide contains guidelines and regulations to help you with this process.

Stormwater and Surface Water 

Stormwater and surface water are related

Stormwater is rainwater. Surface water is found in lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies. Keeping stormwater clean is important to everyone, as it eventually empties into our surface waters. Stormwater becomes surface water.

Managing storm and surface waters is important

Managing stormwater and surface water protects and improves the quality of the Mississippi River, and the lakes and creeks of Minneapolis, as well as helping to control flooding.

Stormwater documents and information


  • Commercial stormwater utility credit application
  • Residential stormwater utility credit application

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