What we do

We oversee a Citywide effort to be user-friendly for people with disabilities.
Person with disability with cane entering building. Credit: Disabled and Here



Neighborhood and Community Relations oversees the City's work to:

  • Comply with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Make life better for people with disabilities who live in, work in and visit our city.

Our goals

  • Make our physical and digital spaces accessible
  • Connect you to City services
  • Involve you in activities and events
  • Engage you in decision-making

Review the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

City staff

Our community specialist for people with disabilities:

  • Partners with departments and staff throughout the City
  • Builds relationships with and learns from people with disabilities
  • Meets with the City's advisory committee

Our department director is the ADA Title II coordinator.

Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities

Person with disability using laptop


Accessible web content

We address the needs of people with disabilities and people who use assistive technology on our City website.

Contact us

Guthrie Byard

Community specialist for people with disabilities

Neighborhood and Community Relations




Crown Roller Mill
105 Fifth Ave., Room 425
Minneapolis, MN 55401