ADA Transition Plan for Public Works

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for Public Works is a supporting plan to the City’s ADA Action Plan.

ADA Transition Plan for Public Works

The City addresses a variety of issues that impact the accessibility and safety of city streets and sidewalk by creating the following plans:

In these plans, Public Works lays out a series of priorities, policies and approaches to address barriers in the public right of way.

Barriers to the public right of way may include:

  • Sidewalk gaps
  • Complex intersections and obstacles inhibiting pedestrian movement
  • Non-compliant sidewalks and/or driveways
  • Pedestrian curb ramps 

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2024 Update to the ADA Transition Plan for Public Works

In 2024, Public Works completed a review and update of the ADA Transition Plan. 

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April 25, 2024, City Council adopted the 2024 Update to the ADA Transition Plan. 

See the ADA Council Action


Public engagement is a crucial element of ADA transition planning. Public Works conducted community engagement in 2018 to identify accessibility barriers and develop priorities for improving city-owned infrastructure in the public right of way. In 2019, Public Works continued engagement in collaboration with the Transportation Action Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan. Several advisory committees were given summaries of both the 2022 and 2024 updates to give staff feedback. These committees included:

  • Minneapolis Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities (MACOPD)
  • Minneapolis Advisory Committee on Aging (MACOA)
  • Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

Previous plan updates

Since the adoption of the ADA Transition Plan for Public Works in February 2020, Public Works has updated this plan in 2022 and 2024. As part of the Transportation Action Plan, Public works has committed to reviewing and updating the ADA Transition Plan on a regular basis. The ADA Transition Plan is updated on a regular basis to check progress and suggest plan updates. 

See the TAP Walking Action 5.7 for details

Read the previous 2022 ADA Plan update

  • Appendix A - Read a summary of the progress made on the recommendations and milestones within the ADA Transition Plan between 2020 and 2022

Next steps

ADA Transition Plans are intended to be living documents. The ADA Transition Plan for Public Works and corresponding materials will be updated periodically as new information is gathered and physical barriers are removed. The next formal review and update of the ADA Transition Plan will occur in 2026.

Related ADA plans

There are three ADA plans in the City's ADA Action Plan that informed the Public Works Transition Plan. Together, these three plans meet the Transition Plan requirements of the ADA.

They include:

City of Minneapolis ADA Action Plan

The City's ADA Action Plan:

  • Is managed and led by the City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations Department
  • A comprehensive policy document for the City of Minneapolis to comply with Title II requirements of the ADA
  • Includes the Property Services ADA Plan
  • Includes the ADA Transition Plan for Public Works

The City of Minneapolis ADA Title II Coordinator is responsible for citywide ADA compliance. The Title II Coordinator works in the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department. 

Read the City's ADA Action Plan


Property Services ADA Plan

The City's Property Services ADA Plan:

  • Is a plan from the Finance and Property Services Department
  • Addresses City-owned and leased properties
  • Addresses access to the City’s public right of way
  • Complements the ADA Transition Plan for Public Works

Read the City's Property Services ADA Plan

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