Rental license application

We explain how to apply for a Minneapolis rental license.

Apply for a rental license

You can submit an application for a Minneapolis rental license in person, by mail, or online. You should only submit your application once. If you submit it online, don't mail in a paper copy.

Submit in person or by mail

If your application requires a notarized local contact person or management company, or if you're paying by check or cash, you can download the Rental License Application .

You can either:

Submit online

If your application doesn't require a notarized local contact person or management company, you can submit your application online. You must pay by credit card to submit your application online.

Submit a rental license application online

Processing can take three to four weeks, and we'll notify you if additional information is needed. Once processed, the certificate will be mailed to you.

Update or close a rental license

Complete a change contact information form:

  • To change a contact address or phone number on a rental license
  • If a contact person's name has legally changed due to marriage or other reasons
    • Make sure to submit a copy of the marriage certificate or a signed and notarized affidavit of the name change.
  • To close a license

To change or add a new contact person of record:

Resubmit the first page of the rental license application with the owner information, owner’s signature, and the new contact information with a notarized signature.

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