License reinstatement

A rental license can be reinstated by the City of Minneapolis after meeting certain conditions.

Reinstatement process

If a property has had a rental license revoked by the City of Minneapolis, it can be reinstated. Depending on the situation, City code requires a certain amount of time to pass, and then the property owner must meet several conditions.

Waiting period

If a person has had a single rental license revoked, they must wait three years before applying for any new rental licenses.

If a person has had two or more rental licenses revoked, they must wait five years before reapplying for rental licenses.

Requirements & fees

Once this period has passed, or if there's a new owner of the property, they must meet these requirements:

  • Attendance at an approved rental property management course within one year of reapplication
  • Completion of a Rental Property Management Plan
  • The property must have no unpaid administrative citations or special assessments
  • The property's taxes must be current
  • The property must pass a rental license inspection or have a recent certificate of code compliance
  • If the person applying for reinstatement had an interest in the rental license when it was revoked, there's a $3000.00 reinstatement fee. If there's a new owner, there's a $1000.00 reinstatement fee.

Council approval

Once the applicant meets these conditions, the Minneapolis City Council will consider the reinstatement. If approved by the City Council, Finance & Commerce will publish the reinstatement. After Finance & Commerce publishes the reinstatement, the applicant must submit a rental license application and fees.

There can't be renters at the property until the rental license has been issued.

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