Street use permits

A street use permit is a form of obstruction permit required for placing dumpsters and storage containers in the street or public right-of-way.

Effective Monday, April 20, 2020, all City of Minneapolis street use permit applications will need to be submitted either using our online permitting system or via the electronic permit application form listed under "How do I apply for a permit or plan review?"

As of Monday, April 20, 2020, we will no longer accept street use permit applications via fax or US Mail. 
By removing these options, we will be better able to serve our customer applicants through fewer issues associated with handwritten documents or poor readability from faxes as well as concerns about whether we have received the faxed or mailed application in our office. It will also move us forward with reductions in paper consumption in our permit processing system.

In addition, we will be sending additional information to our licensed street use and wrecking contractors.

Who is eligible to obtain a street use permit?

Residents may not obtain a street use permit. Only Minneapolis licensed Solid Waste Haulers, Wrecking Contractors or Storage Container companies may obtain street use permit. 

Solid waste hauling or wrecking contractors

To apply for a license in the City of Minneapolis, contact Business Licenses and Consumer Services. 

How do I find a licensed contractor for street use permit?

Homeowners or building contractors wishing to place a dumpster or storage container on the street in the City of Minneapolis should contact a solid waste hauler or storage container company from the approved list.

How do I apply for a street use permit?

Licensed solid waste haulers, wrecking or storage container companies are eligible to pull street use permits online.

Learn more about online permits.

Properties on streets that include Public Works parking restrictions require Public Works approval before permit issuance.  This approval may take 1-2 business days.  Residents may not obtain a street use permit.

What are the requirements for a dumpster or storage container on the street?

  • Permits for 1 - 2 residential units are issued in 30 day increments only and may be renewed up to a total of 120 days.
  • A street use permit for a dumpster or storage unit is valid for 30, 60 or a maximum of 90 days.
  • The company name and phone number must be on the container.
  • Container must have proper reflective materials attached.
  • Street use permits are not valid during street cleaning or snow emergencies.
  • All parking restrictions must be observed.
  • Container must be placed 30 feet from corner if address is a corner lot.
  • Container must be placed within 12 inches of the curb.
  • Container must be placed in front of or adjacent to the property where the permit is issued.
  • Container must be covered during non-work hours.
  • See Minneapolis City Ordinance 430.30 for all permit requirements.

When is permit not required for a dumpster or storage unit?

  • No permit is required to place a dumpster or storage unit in the driveway only of a residential property.

When is a lane obstruction permit needed?

A lane obstruction permit is required under the following circumstances:

  1. When you restrict access to the right-of-way (street or sidewalk) by placing equipment in the right-of-way.
  2. Temporary posting of "no parking" signs.
  3. Temporary hooding of parking meters.

All applicants are required to access the Minneapolis Lane Use website in order to obtain an obstruction permit.

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