Sample policy

We explain how to create an effective alcohol service policy. The policy protects your employees and your business.

Parts of an effective alcohol service policy

How to check ID

  • Compare picture on ID with the customer
  • Check birthday
  • Examine the card for signs of falsification or tampering
  • Use an electronic ID card reading device/scanner
  • Check the US Driver License Booklet
  • Have a list of valid forms of ID
    • Drivers’ license
    • State ID
    • Military ID
    • Passport

When to check ID

  • Set a specific age/appearance for carding or card everyone.
  • Card all guests after a certain time i.e., 9:00 p.m.

Underage patrons

  • How to prohibit the sale or service of alcohol to individuals under the age of 21 years old.
  • What to do if someone is purchasing alcohol for an underage person.
  • Conduct Youth Alcohol Compliance Checks (Self Audits).
    • Are there rewards for employees who pass Youth Alcohol Compliance checks? 

Over-intoxicated person

  • How to discourage over-intoxication, such as denying an intoxicated guest entry.
  • How to discourage an intoxicated person from driving home.

Ways employees can acknowledge and understand the policy

  • Receive a copy of the policy
  • Read and sign the policy

Ways for employees to uphold the policy

Consequences for violating this alcohol service policy

  • Warning
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Termination

Other items to consider

  • How to stop employees or customers from drinking on the premises after hours.
  • Where to post signs about your alcohol service policy.
  • Where to post signs informing customers about alcohol laws.

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