Safe alcohol sales and service

We share tips for selling and serving alcohol safely.


Checking ID

  • Be polite but firm. Explain that you will get into serious trouble if you do not check everyone’s ID. 
  • Learn how to read birth dates to determine if a person is 21 or older. 
  • Make sure the picture on the ID matches the person. 

If uncomfortable, find a supervisor

  • If a customer gives you a hard time, offer to let them speak to the owner or manager. 
  • If you come across a difficult situation, ask your supervisor how to handle it. 
  • Ask your supervisor to explain anything confusing. 
  • If in doubt, refuse to sell.
    • Do not accept excuses such as, "I forgot my license at home."


  • Help your co-workers. Remind each other. Back each other up. 
  • If someone attempts to share their alcoholic drink with a minor, ask them to stop or leave your property.

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