Liquor store

Retailers that sell alcohol must have a license.


A liquor store:

  • Sells beer, wine and liquor in original packages for drinking away from a business
  • Needs an off-sale liquor license

Your approval process may:

Liquor store sign

Before you begin

Before you begin, look at our information about:  


See Off-Sale Liquor Application


Find your license fee

Submit your application  

Submit your application to Business Licenses & Consumer Services

If you have questions, contact:


Businesses that sell off-sale liquor must follow State and City laws: 

  • Our local laws include regulations for:
    • Business licenses
    • Zoning
  • We make no exceptions to these requirements.


Before you apply for an off-sale liquor license, decide on your location. If you want a location outside of the B4 Downtown zoning district:

  • You must meet all required minimum standards: 
    • More than 2000 feet from an existing off-sale store (front door to front door)
    • Zoned CM3 or higher, or Industrial
    • Five contiguous acres of appropriately zoned property
    • More than 300 feet from a religious institution or a school (property line to property line) 
  • See a map of current off-sale businesses: 
    • Businesses have a 2,000 foot bubble and appropriate zoning.
    • Note that the map does not include religious institutions or schools. 

See a map of current off-sale businesses

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