Business plan

The City has rules for businesses that want to get a license to serve beverage alcohol. You must submit a business plan to the City explaining how you will operate the business.

Minneapolis law

Minneapolis requires applicants to provide a business plan that sets forth, in detail, the way the licensed business will be operated. 

Business plan requirements

Attach a typed report that includes all the following items. Additional and/or separate documents may be attached to this report. 
  1. Alcohol server training plan
    Describe staff training that includes:
    • Name of trainer
    • Topics covered
    • Ongoing training program
    • Policy for carding and the use of electronic ID scanners
    • Reward and discipline policy for serving alcohol to minors and
    • Self-audits.

Alcohol server plan

  1. Police Department security plan
    Complete and attach a signed Police Department Security Plan Review (attached) and any supporting documentation. The local Police Precinct will review the security portion of your business plan which addresses how you will take appropriate action to prevent illegal conduct from anyone on your business premises and/or parking areas. Here is a link with guidelines to develop a security plan. 
    Develop a safety plan
  2. Sound management plan
    Attach a Sound Management Plan and any supporting documentation using the requirements listed on attached document which describes how you will address potential noise issues.
    Sounds management plan
  3. Entertainment
    • Prepare a detailed statement of the nature of entertainment presented in your establishment
    • Days and hours of the entertainment and
    • The age group at which the entertainment is directed.

Entertainment plan

  1. Community impact plan
    • Describe how your establishment will be proactive in preventing negative secondary effects directly attributable to the existence of the business.
    • Describe how the applicant will maintain the orderly appearance and operation of the premises with respect to litter, graffiti and refuse control. Include hours staff will be assigned.
    • Indicate the types of teams you may sponsor: softball, broomball, soccer, rugby, football, or other competitive sports. 
  1. Hours of operation 
    • Specify the hours for every day of the week
    • Include both inside and outside hours. 
  1. Food service
    • List all food (menu with prices) that you will prepare and/or serve
    • Include hours of full food service and reduced food service.
    • Include the staffing model of the kitchen service.
    • Describe Kitchen, Bar and Cooking Equipment; and/or attach Food Plan Review.  
  1. Charitable gambling activities
    • Identify the types of games, hours, gambling manager and name of charity.  
  1. Applicant’s experience and background with liquor, restaurant or retail sales
    • Include a resume or summary of work experience. 
  1. Promoters
    If you will work with promoters, you must have a written signed contract that includes the following:
    • Statement of truth in advertising 
    • Cancellation rights if contract is not followed
    • Promoter contact information.
    • A sample contract. Signed contracts will be made available to licensing official upon request.  
  1. Advertising
    • Attach a copy of all the sites you will advertise, such as social media, website, flyers, coupons, table tents, etc.

Acknowledgement and agreement

I, (print name) ________________________________________________, an authorized corporate officer, partner or owner, hereby acknowledge and agree to the following: 
  • The attached business plan addresses all items listed above, includes complete documentation, and is a true and correct reflection of the undersigned’s intentions;
  • Any material change in the business plan must be submitted to and approved by the Minneapolis City Council before implementation; 
  • Violation of this business plan may result in suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew the license or in a civil fine as determined by the Minneapolis City Council. 
Signature ___________________________ Title ___________________________ Date _____________

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