Sound plan

Your sound plan should consider the impact of sound on the community near your business.

Plan topics

In your plan, cover any topics that are relevant to your business, both indoor and outdoor.


Tell us:

  • The position of speakers to deflect or absorb excessive noise.
  • How you will minimize low-frequency music beats.
  • What time you will:
    • Turn down the music
    • Turn off the speakers

Closing time

Tell us:

  • What time you will:
    • Stop serving alcohol
    • Turn up lights
    • Turn down the music
    • Seat your last customers
  • How you will tell customers:
    • It is closing time
    • It is time to leave
  • How you will manage noisy customers.
  • How you will remind customers to lower their voices to respect residents. This includes customers who park on residential streets.

Outdoor capacity

Tell us about:

  • The capacity of your outdoor area
  • Your plan to manage the area to prevent over occupancy
  • How the seating design will minimize or deflect excessive sound


Tell us about:

  • Your sound metering equipment
  • Your music systems with self-regulators
  • Your plan to use the above


Tell us about:

  • Sound management training (including a list of their duties, including the frequency of rounds) for:
    • Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Bartenders
    • Hosts
    • Servers
    • Security staff
  • Job duties and frequency of rounds for:
    • Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Bartenders
    • Hosts
    • Servers
    • Security staff
  • Your plan to remind, relocate and remove noisy customers
  • Your community outreach, such as:
    • Neighborhood association meetings
    • Liquor Industry and the City meetings

Special events

Describe your plans for special events in the city.


Tell us how you will address sound complaints. You may want to provide a telephone number other than your business number for residents to call for sound concerns.

Architectural design or enhancements

Tell us about:

  • The use of sound blocking walls, fences and landscape
  • Your plan to direct sound away from occupied buildings

Additional resources

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Common concerns about sound:

  • Plans to use an outdoor area
  • Seating capacity of more 200 people
  • Amplified sound
  • Business located in a residential area
  • All customers leaving at closing time
  • Customers parking in residential areas
  • Mechanical equipment located within 100 feet of a residential area
  • Routine maintenance schedule for mechanical equipment
  • Sound complaints

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