Bid tabulations

The bid tabulation summary lists all suppliers who responded to the invitation to bid and the prices that were submitted this year.

List of respondents 

The bid tabulation summary (bid tab) information was provided at the public bid opening session at the City of Minneapolis Procurement Office, on the due date of the bid.

In some cases, the bid tab contains just the list of all bidders who responded, but not the price - for those tabs, a complete bid tab will be posted at a later date, once the review of prices for various line items have been completed.


Opened January 24th through January 28th

Event 1860 - trench box rental

Event 1840 - diamond grinding of streets


Opened January 10th through January 15th

Event 1811 - fencing installation services


Opened December 27th through December 31st

Event 1810 - rebid: 8th street SE reconstruction project

Opened December 13th through December 17th

Event 1757 - city wide - light duty collision and mechanical repair

Event 1825 - six (6) ford explorers, base 4WD

Opened December 6th through December 10th

Event 1796 - 2022 CIPP materials

Event 1709 - MCC meeting and banquet chairs

Event 1821 - re-bid: boiler inspections and services

Event 1770 - bridge 9 improvements - pier 5, abutment 1, pier 2 and bluff stabilization project

Event 1797 - eloise Butler wildflower garden - martha crone shelter renovation

Opened November 22nd through November 26th

Event 1808 - rental of heavy equipment without operator

Event 1807 - rental of heavy equipment with operator

Opened November 15th through November 19th

Event 1755 - Minnehaha park refectory site improvements

Opened November 8th through November 12th

Event 1789 - hydraulic hose of fittings

Event 1798 - fridley water plant west clean water basin rehabilitation

Event 1703 - crushing rubble concrete

Event 1701 - park improvements at father hennepin bluff park

Opened October 18th through October 22nd

Event 1750 - MCC expansion roof replacement

Event 1736 - dry barrel traffic style hydrants

Event 1735 - resilient seated gate valves

Opened October 11th through October 15th

Event 1664 - liquid sodium hydroxide

Event 1745 - ferric chloride

 Event 1698 - hauling and disposing of waste materials

Opened October 4th through October 8th

Event 1719 - Re-bid aftermarket light duty vehicle automotive

Opened September 20th through September 24th

Event 1658 - laurel morgan sewer construction project

Event 1696 - boiler inspection and services

Opened September 13th through September 17th

Event 1666 - tapping sleeves and repair clamps

Opened September 6th through September 10th

Event 1695 - minneapolis convention center snow plowing and removal

Event 1699 - rebid - liquid carbon dioxide

Opened August 30th through September 3rd

Event 1687 - video replay system

Event 1686 - 11th and marquette ramp epoxy overlay of helices 2021

Event 1681 - northeast athletic fields park tennis court surface overlay

Opened August 23rd through August 27th

Event 1628 - five revised signal systems, storm sewer, and pedestrian curb ramp improvements

Event 1626 - 8th street se reconstruction project

Opened August 16th through August 20th

Event 1635 - outdoor hockey rink ice and refrigeration system

Opened August 9th through August 13th

Event 1624 - queen avenue bicycle boulevard

Event 1614 - mailing services for utility billing  

Event 1657 - rebid-regional trails and pathways rehabilitation

Opened August 2nd through August 6th

 Event 1537 - whittier safe routes to school

Opened July 26th through July 30th

 Event 1631 - target center kitchen 219 food service equipment

 Event 1543 - graffiti abatement

Opened July 19th through July 23rd

 Event 1601 - northeast athletic field park improvements

Event 1620 - corrosion inhibitor

Event 1630 - adult detention center electric locks replacement   

Opened July 12th through July 16th

Event 1550 - electronic programmable signal heads

 Event 1600 - meadowbrook golf course clubhouse

Event 1531 - dight/standish ADA pedestrian ramp improvements

Opened July 5th through July 9th

Event 1605 - Rebid: MPRB regional trails and pathways improvements

Event 1535 - corcoran ADA pedestrian ramp improvements

Opened June 28th through July 2nd

Event 1602 - elevator maintenance and service

Event 1553 - tallmadge building interior renovation project

Event 1578 - liquid alum


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