Bid tabulations

The bid tabulation summary lists all suppliers who responded to the invitation to bid and the prices that were submitted this year.

List of respondents 

The bid tabulation summary (bid tab) information was provided at the public bid opening session at the City of Minneapolis Procurement Office, on the due date of the bid.

In some cases, the bid tab contains just the list of all bidders who responded, but not the price - for those tabs, a complete bid tab will be posted at a later date, once the review of prices for various line items have been completed.


Opened June 27th - July 1st

Event 2072 - 2022 Concrete street rehabilitation program

Event 2083 - Demolition - 30 W Lake Street

Opened June 13th - June 17th

Event 2064 - Hall park improvements

Event 2062 - Farwell park improvements

Opened June 6th - June 10th

Event 2050 - Re-bid Haaf ramp condensing unit replacement

Event 2037 - Jordan park wading pool improvements

Event 2014 - Minnehaha parkway trail phase 1 improvements

Event 2027 - Keewaydin park play area improvements

Opened May 23rd - May 27th

Event 2021 - Large diameter sanitary sewer televising

Event 2049 - Van Cleve recreation center remodeling

Opened May 16th - May 20th

Event 2029 - Liquid chlorine

Event 2033 - Public towing - district B, zone 5

Opened May 9th - May 13th

Event 1758 - Minneapolis parking ramp sign replacement

Opened May 2nd - May 6th

Event 2007 - UHT grading and demolition

Event 2012 - Spark'd Studio - Harrison Recreation Center

Opened April 25th - 29th

Event 2002 - MBC office improvements phase 3A

Event 2006 - Northeast athletic field park improvement project

Event 2028 - Rebid Fridley campus MV AFD and VFD

Event 1935 - Sports courts and site improvements at Dickman Park

Opened April 18th through April 22nd

Event 2023 - Rebid PW hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder repair

Event 1978 - Target Center Freight Elevator Modernization

Event 2015 - Cast or Ductile Iron Fittings

Event 1971 - Street Light Service Cabinets

Event 1977 - McRAE Recreation Center HVAC Upgrades

Opened April 4th through April 8th

Event 1880 - 2022 large diameter cured in place pipe

 Event 1845 - MPRB tree removal and/or stump grinding

Event 1913 - jerry haaf memorial parking ramp condensing unit replacement

Event 1961 - 16th avenue N safe routes to school

Opened March 28th through April 1st

Event 1962 - upper harbor terminal rail removal project 

Event 1931 - rebid of fencing installation services

Opened March 21st through March 25th

Event 1853 - minneapolis convention center public elevator modernization

Event 1928 - fridley campus MV AFD and VFD

Event 1881 - liquid alum

Opened March 14th through March 18th

Event 1966 - re-bid pre-cast concrete access structures

Event 1952 - re-bid - site improvements at marcy park

Event 1929 - re-bid kenwood tower masonry rehabilitation

Opened March 7th through March 11th

Event 1865 - minneapolis vision zero 2022

Event 1943 - catch basin and manhole repair

Event 1907 - folwell recreation center improvements

Event 1918 - bde maka ska refectory

Opened February 28th through March 4th

Event 1828 - heavy duty towing

Event 1914 - minnehaha neighborhood ADA pedestrian ramp improvements

 Event 1868 - bryant ave. reconstruction project

Event 1895 - site lighting upgrades at cedar field park

Event 1826 - police surveillance trailers

Event 1882 - enhanced litter services in cultural districts

Event 1847 - small diameter pipe cleaning and inspection

Opened February 21st through February 25th

Event 1900 - vehicle washing service

Event 1906 - TMR - concrete drill for dowel and reinforcement bar

Event 1859 - 50th st W and broadway st NE: signals, pedestrian improvements, and fiber

Opened February 14th through February 18th

Event 1822 - cooling coil replacement project

Event 1720 - site improvements at marcy park

Opened February 7th through February 11th


Event 1872 - quick lime

Event 1877 - carbon dioxide feed system

Event 1844 - clean and line cast iron water mains

Opened January 31st through February 4th

Event 1583 - traffic signal cabinets and equipment

Event 1867 - hot mix asphalt

Event 1843 - franklin ave. west reconstruction project

Opened January 24th through January 28th

Event 1860 - trench box rental

Event 1840 - diamond grinding of streets


Opened January 10th through January 15th

Event 1811 - fencing installation services


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