Expand your network by connecting with other small business owners.

Getting plugged in to a network of entrepreneurs and small business owners can help you navigate and overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and grow your business. Check out the resources below for ways to connect with other entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis Neighborhood Business Associations

Neighborhood business associations are located throughout the city to support and connect entrepreneurs and small business owners. They often host networking events, trainings, and other supportive services for small businesses.

Neighborhood Business Associations

Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce is the leading chamber in the Metro area representing the interests of more than 1,500 businesses from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce

Minneapolis Downtown Council

The Minneapolis Downtown Council is the central business district association that works to preserve and enhance a vital and attractive downtown for the people who invest, work, shop, visit and live in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Downtown Council


Meetup is an online social networking portal that allows members to find and join groups of people who gather around a common interest. There are thousands of entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities who gather together to learn and support one another through Meetup groups

Career & Business Meetups in Minneapolis

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