Downtown East green stormwater infrastructure

Learn about green infrastructure on Downtown East

About the project

This project worked to improve east downtown bike and pedestrian facilities and add green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to help mitigate flooding and filter stormwater in the area. The City has partnered with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to pilot GSI in fully developed, urban areas. Learn more at the MWMO webpage. 

  • Type of green infrastructure: Multiple boulevard bioretention basins and a larger Infiltration basin  
  • Completion date: 2022 
  • Project partners: Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) 
  • Functions: 
    • Collects rainwater from the roads, sidewalks, and buildings and infiltrate it into the ground 
    • Adds native plants and trees 
    • Reduces hardcover and greens the city 
    • Creates a community amenity  
    • Combines safety and environmental goals 
Overhead view of street reconstructed with plants installed next to it
Photo Courtesy of Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
Green infrastructure installed next to street
Photo Courtesy of Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

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