Sewer cleanouts

There is a pipe called the sewer cleanout. Learn more about this sewer pipe.

Sewer cleanout explained

A sewer cleanout is a capped pipe which provides access to a property's sanitary sewer lateral, allowing blockages in the lateral to be cleaned out. It is usually a 4" capped pipe with a steel or plastic cover, typically found in a property's basement so it can be accessible in the winter months.

How to tell if your property has a sewer cleanout

Minnesota plumbing code provides for at least two cleanouts in the building drain. One cleanout is located near the base of the vent stack and one cleanout near the connection between the building drain and the building sewer. Be aware that the cleanout at the outside wall of the property may be inside or outside the property.

The sewer cleanout capped pipe should be located in your basement or your front yard, possibly under or behind bushes close to the exterior walls of the building. 

What to do if you cannot locate your sewer cleanout

If you cannot find your sewer cleanout, either you do not have one, or it may be buried under dirt, concrete or carpet. Contact a plumber for assistance in locating your sewer cleanout.

The City of Minneapolis can not install a sewer cleanout 

Sewer cleanouts belong to the property owner, and it is their responsibility to install a building sewer cleanout.

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