Commercial building registration

Every commercial building in Minneapolis must have a commercial building registration.


This registration is often referred to as an “FCOM” registration, which is short for “fire commercial.” The commercial building registration covers the cost of the city-wide fire inspections program.

A commercial building is defined in ordinance as any building subject to the requirements of the state building and fire codes approved for an occupancy use other than residential. In buildings with mixed occupancy types, the commercial building registration applies to the non-residential portion of the building.


The application is intended to annually update contact information for building owners, tenants, management companies, and other stakeholders to conduct inspections and update City property files. This helps us provide:

  • Early notification to stakeholders in the event of an emergency
  • More convenient building and fire code inspections
  • Quicker responses to 311 requests, including inspections of a building’s fire & life safety suppression and detection systems

Minneapolis uses one commercial building registration form for all types of properties:


The annual fee is based on the size of the commercial occupancy of the building. You can find your building's fee on the fire inspections fee schedule.

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