Unlicensed taxicabs

Taxicabs must have a valid taxi sticker. We will tow unlicensed cabs and fine drivers and companies.


If a driver picks up passengers in Minneapolis:

  • The cab must have a valid taxi sticker.
  • The Minneapolis license sticker must be on the left side of your cab’s rear window.


A cab operating without a license is violating City law. 

The City will impose the following penalties on unlicensed cabs:


We may tow your cab to the Minneapolis Impound Lot immediately. The cab is evidence that you are operating without the required city license.

Read about the Impound Lot

After you pay all citations, towing and storage fees, you can reclaim your vehicle at the Impound Lot.


Fee: You will receive an Administrative Citation for $250. If you have prior citations, the fee will be between $500 and $2,000.

Paying citation: 

  • If you choose to pay this citation, you must wait an entire business day to allow us time to process your paperwork.
  • We accept cash, cashier checks, money orders and credit cards. We do not accept personal checks. Make cashier’s checks payable to the Minneapolis Finance Department
  • You have 20 days to appeal this citation. If you choose to appeal, you must attend an appeal hearing.
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Taxi service complaint

If you hailed a taxi in Minneapolis and had a problem with the ride or driver, you can report an issue. You can also report if you think a driver is not licensed.

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