Rideshare companies

Rideshare companies in Minneapolis need a license.


A rideshare company:

  • Connects drivers and passengers using an internet app
  • Is also called a transportation network company or TNC

There are five licensed rideshare companies in Minneapolis:

  • Lyft
  • MyWeels
  • Uber
  • Wridz

Rideshare drivers do not need a Minneapolis license.   

Before you begin 

See how to open a new business


Companies must have a central place of business within 12 miles of Minneapolis City Hall.

Driver responsibilities

Drivers may accept passengers only through the mobile app.

Drivers may not:

  • Look for potential passengers
  • Accept passengers standing near their car
  • Drop off passengers at taxi stands, bus zones or no stopping zones

Contact the rideshare company if you're interested in becoming a driver.

Vehicle inspections

Schedule annual inspections at an authorized garage.

See authorized garages

Keep your inspection report in your car.

Download Inspection report


Keep proof of insurance in your car.

Company emblem

Display the company emblem on your windshield and car window:

  • ADD Hich has a green square with a white h in a circle. The emblem will be displayed on windshield.
  • Lyft is a pink, square “lyft” sticker. 
  • MyWeels is a red square with a red and black car in the middle. It will be displayed on the front right windshield.
  • Uber X is a black, square “UBER” sticker.
  • Wridz emblem is a red and blue square with cityscape in the middle. It will be displayed on the front right windshield.


See Rideshare Company application


Find your license fee

Submit your application

Submit your application to Business Licenses & Consumer Services

If you have questions, contact:

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