Liquor store license

We list applications for the sale of liquor or 3.2 beer.

Before you begin, see our instructions on how to apply for an alcohol license.

Read how to apply for an alcohol license


Off-Sale 3.2 Beer : Selling 3.2 beer in original packages in drugstores, grocery stores or gas stations for drinking away from the business.

Off-Sale Liquor : Selling liquor, wine or beer in original packages in liquor stores for drinking away from the business. 

Liquor store requirements

Businesses that sell off-sale liquor must follow state statutes and City ordinances:

  • Our local laws include both business license and zoning regulations.
  • There are no exceptions to these requirements.

If you are considering a location outside of the B4 Downtown zoning district

Before you apply for an off-sale liquor license, you must meet all the required, minimum standards:

  • More than 2000 feet from an existing off-sale store (front door to front door)
  • Zoned C2 or higher, or Industrial
  • Five contiguous acres of appropriately zoned property
  • More than 300 feet from a religious institution or a school (property line to property line)

You can see a map of current off-sale businesses:

  • The businesses have a 2,000 foot bubble and appropriate zoning
  • This map does not include religious institutions or schools because the data is not reliable.

View a map of current off-sale businesses

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