Minneapolis school-based clinics

We share benefits and resources provided by our clinics that are located in several Minneapolis schools.

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  • Edison High School: 612-668-1321
  • FAIR/Wellstone: 612-668-1064
  • Henry High School: 612-668-1944
  • Longfellow Alternative School: 612-668-4723
  • Roosevelt High School: 612-668-4834
  • South High School: 612-668-4333
  • Southwest High School: 612-668-3040
  • Washburn High School: 612-668-3527
  • Visit our Minneapolis School Based Clinics Google Site


Students can be seen during the day in school so parents don't have to take time off from work.


Our goal is to provide services to all students regardless of insurance status. Services are provided at low or no cost to families whether or not a student has insurance. Insurance is billed whenever possible to help cover the costs of care. We may send a bill for mental health service co-pays if the student has private insurance.


Students are seen by staff specializing in caring for adolescents.


Students gain practice in managing their own healthcare.


School-Based Clinics abide by the same client confidentiality policies as your neighborhood clinic.

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