Unrest recovery timeline

We share a timeline of our support and recovery efforts during the city's civil unrest crisis.

Recovery effort history

Apr. - June 2020

Response to the death of George Floyd

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd is killed by a Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) officer at the intersection of 38th and Chicago. 

Protests and civil unrest take place throughout the city. 

Community begins to hold space at 38th and Chicago as a place of reckoning, healing and justice. This intersection is now known as George Floyd Square.

Inclusive Economic Recovery Work

Mayor Frey creates the Minneapolis Forward Community Now Coalition, a cross-sector coalition to help transform Minneapolis into a stronger, equitable, inclusive, resilient, and innovative city.

Learn more about the coalition

Help for residents

311 extends hours of operations. The goal is to provide access to information for residents and businesses.

CPED actions

CPED surveys and documents heavily damaged and destroyed historic resources and potential historic resources prior to emergency demolition and rubble clearing.

Public Works action

Public Works dispatches crews and equipment to:

  • Remove debris
  • Provide traffic control
  • Help with emergency demolitions

Survey and food distribution

The Office of Emergency Management leads a city survey to identify impacted properties.

The Health Department and Neighborhood & Community Relations provide support for community food distribution sites. The goal is to ensure food access in neighborhoods most impacted by grocery store closures.

July - Sept. 2020

Disaster declaration request

The City, with the county and State, requests a federal disaster declaration from the Small Business Administration (SBA).  

City Council passes a staff direction for City staff to waive and refund all administrative fees related to clean-up, rebuilding, and recovery. As a result, the City waives fees for over 1,800 applications.

See the council action

The SBA approves disaster loans for businesses, property owners and households affected by the civil unrest.

The City’s Zoning Administrator grants temporary permission for installation of exterior security barriers on commercial buildings.

Oct. - Dec. 2020

Funding to clear sites

The City Council appropriates $2 million in funding for clearing sites that were reduced to rubble but have not yet been cleared.

See legislative file

Exterior security barriers on commercial buildings

On December 12, the City Council adopts an ordinance to allow installation of exterior security barriers on commercial buildings.

See ordinance

Reassessment of properties

The City Assessor’s Office reassesses 988 properties. Taxes are abated on 60 properties that meet the threshold for 50% or more destroyed and are otherwise eligible, as of December 2020. This leads to a total reduction in property value of $42 million, reducing taxes owed by over $1 million. 


Jan. - March 2021

Response and recovery report

CPED presents a response and recovery report on behalf of multiple departments to the City Council detailing the 2020 activities and supports related to the pandemic and civil unrest  

Read the report

Waivers for assessments and fees

The City Council approves a policy for hardship waivers for assessments and fees for City clearing of destroyed properties.

See policy

CPED staff determines that properties impacted by the unrest are eligible for exceptions in the rebuilding process and proactively shares this information with property owners. 

Trial security

The City prepares security for the trial of former MPD officer Derek Chauvin. 

The trial for former MPD officer Derek Chauvin begins March 8.

Apr. - June 2021

Trial outcome

On April 20, the jury returns a guilty verdict for former MPD officer Derek Chauvin.

Forgivable loan program for businesses

CPED launches a forgivable loan program for businesses located in George Floyd Square. 30 businesses received $50,000 each, for a total of $1.5 million.

See program

Phased connection of 38th and Chicago begins 

On June 3, The Agape Movement, with City support, begins a phased reconnection of 38th and Chicago. 

Learn more about 38th and Chicago

July - Sept. 2021

Rubble removal

The City completes rubble removal for seven properties destroyed in the unrest. For these properties, the owners were not able to complete the work themselves. The City approves hardship waivers.

Apr. - June 2022

Rebuilding support for property owners

CPED creates an internal recovery team. The goal is to monitor progress and provide case management support to property owners still in the process of rebuilding.

Project advice for new and emerging real estate developers

  • CPED begins partnering with real estate development professionals.
  • The partners agree to mentor and support small developers who are working on projects in Minneapolis.

Learn how developers can apply for project advice

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