New plan process

You can learn about the process to create a new Climate Equity Plan and provide input.
May - July 2022

Listening sessions held

People are sharing their thoughts about their climate concerns in Minneapolis. This input will be used in the creation of a new action plan. 

In these conversations, the City hopes to learn from people their climate and equity:

  • Hopes
  • Priorities
  • Concerns

Learn how you can take part

August 2022

Goals and objectives developed

During this phase:

  • Planning goals are identified
  • A workgroup is formed
  • A steering committee is formed

Planning goals

Input from the listening sessions will be used to identify the goals and priorities of the new Climate and Equity Plan

The new plan development will:

  • Put people first in our race to save the planet
  • Provide economic and community benefits
  • Be a guide for the City's policy and program design
  • Support science-based greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Support clean energy investments


The workgroup plays an active role in developing the new plan from the input received

Learn about the workgroup role and how to join

Steering Committee

The committee guides the workgroup and the City in developing the new plan.

Learn about the comittee's role

Sept. - Oct. 2022

Feedback received

Residents will provide their feedback to the identified goals for new action plan.
In these feedback conversations, residents will help refine the climate and equity:
  • Goals
  • Strategies
Nov. - Spring 2023

Final steps taken

Final plan preparations

The actions include:
  • Share a draft of the Climate and Equity Plan
  • Receive final feedback 
  • Finalize the Climate and Equity Plan

Plan approval

The Climate and Equity Plan must go through several steps before it goes into effect.

The approval process includes:

  • Present the plan to the Mayor and City Council
  • Receive feedback from the Mayor and City Council
  • Approval by the Mayor and City Council

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